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government, private industry, etc., and a lot of the talk has been on the potential for reducing cost, effort. what i see in cloud services is that it gives government the potential to kind of relieve government i.t. departments of the need to maintain multiple systems. many have traditionally a system in every department, an email system in every department, etc. and while the department needs email, every department doesn't need to maintain their own email server. i expect cloud to grow for solutions such as human resources management, maybe financial transaction process, etc. when you maintain multiple servers, each upgrades, patches, configuration management, etc., moving the kind of systems that are in all agencies lets those i.t. managers in government kind of focus on what is core to their mission and not getting away from the systems that are common and shared across all agencies. and also to the individual departments, let them leapfrog to the latest software, hardware, if they have a system that's getting older, it gives them a chance to move to the latest and greatest without putti
me many opportunity to increase my skill set, etc., etc., or, if you actually want to take a step down -- that is another thing, we get in our late 50's or 60's, and we may not want to climb the corporate ladder again. i want to come in and do a great job. at this point in my job, i like to roll up my sleeves and gets down to work. exactly. i have a different set of criteria i am looking forward to at this time in my career. >> and since you mentioned politicians, you bring up social media, because people don't know how to use them. everyone need to know, if you put something on twitter or facebook for your friends, will it be there forever. >> absolutely. linked in the a huge site people use to network with people. you want to make sure your profile on linked in customized with your resume. you want to make sure everything is lining up and you are presenting yourself the seasoned professional that you are. >> you like thank you note in the. >> i absolutely do. >> is email okay or do i have to do a handwritten one? >> that is a question a lot of people ask. i think it is per
would result in the one year bar, it's a truck. -- etc. i would be more inclined to go with the motion as articulated by our deputy city attorney. vice president garcia: i have to agree a think we serve the appellant better by doing that. he has had that individual living there for a while. i do not see where he is harmed by a little more time. there might be some greater expense, but i think having the greater expense is better than not having housing. >> commissioner fung, do you want us to call the roll on your motion? commissioner fung: i think the will withdraw my motion. i will allow somebody else to make a second motion. commissioner peterson: i will make the motion that duplicates the comments of our city attorney. vice president garcia: will you repeat those? [laughter] >> to deny the appeal and upheld the department on the basis of the project need section 311 notice. the permit applicant is not barred due to changed circumstances, including there is a new owner and the variance is no longer valid. anything further or different? commissioner peterson: a and he is not barred f
investigators, etc., and they are described correctly as somewhat in between the two groups. and their benefits are accordingly sculpted. supervisor elsbernd: is this also reflective of the pers employees? >> with the exception of the deputy sheriffs. they had the same instructions going forward as the new employees. we have -- this is an area where we have had a change since the original introduction. it was probably improperly known as divesting retirements. it is for those who have been here at least five years and do not work long enough to receive a service return the. initially we looked at creating a deferred service retirement for those in -- for those individuals in lieu of a service retirement. supervisor elsbernd: use me as an example. next year, i will be a city employee, i will have worked for the city for 12 years, and i will be 36. >> he has not achieved age 50 or 60, therefore you do have the option to have what we call a vested retirement. it is really an annuity. they calculate the employee contribution. the city had made the contribution in some cases through collective barga
, etc. in that paragraph, i would like to make the statement, you know, all commissioners expressed concern about that the bank of something that white. -- expressed concern about that. something that way. >> para rabb 6. -- paragraph six. commissioner borden: just a little bit more of herbage. it is important to. not all of us believed the da was strong enough to support them. i think the spirit needs to be there. that is very important. that is the way they presented the title. >> as maker of the motion, i would agree with that if language can be crafted that all commissioners were concerned that the did development agreement -- that the development agreement would adequately protect the rights of tenants for rent control. >> a second. >> i want to clarify. i think this was meant to be our draft of your response. so the title of that page is incorrect, i think. it should read the planning commission's findings. so we would be issuing a separate response. this is our draft, are suggested response from you. just to clarify that. commissoner moore: did you write the document here in
by paying larger rents, etc., etc., and so we really believe that we must adequately fund them, that they are not yet found at the level they should be for such an important and crucial organization doing such magnificent work in our city and county, so any advocating for funding that you can help us with, we would greatly, greatly appreciate that. president o'brien: thank you. it is kind of confusing -- working very hard to preserve some of the positions. but the budget said that it could not be filled, which seems like someone of an oxymoron to me. they will be filled, and they will be there. >> because of the budget crisis, there has been a hiring freeze. we are particularly troubled by the fact that they have not been able to fill those positions. president o'brien: think you. commissioner: i would like to make a motion that we support this. president o'brien: this time, it was not me. so without any further and comment from the commissioners, i would like to open it up to public comment, so three minutes. clerk: public comment will be limited to three minutes. please speak
i thought was firecrackers, didn't think anything of it until i heard all the drama, sirens, etc., etc., on my street. that's when i looked out the window. it was under control, went back to doing my dishes and cleaning my house. about three days later, inspectors knocked on the door. of course, the first thing i asked was where did you get my name and address? they said the owners of the complex gave us your name and address and everybody's name and address. it's on, you know. a sheet of paper, standard operating procedure. i said ok. come on in. i don't have anything to hide. i didn't see anything. told them point-blank i did not see anything, just what i communicated to you, i communicated to them. so to my surprise, yesterday i got a phone call saying they were going to give my name to the defense as a witness. and i'm saying wait a minute. how are you going to give my name to the defense. i told you, i did not see anything. i don't know anything. in addition to that, the young man who was murdered told anybody and everybody who was in earshot, including the police, e.m.t., a
't think anything of it until i heard all the drama, sirens, etc., etc., on my street. that's when i looked out the window. it was under control, went back to doing my dishes and cleaning my house. about three days later, insp
-- the family has been mother, father, dodd, etc.. and our job to be reflective of what is going on america of 2011 is to be open to all families. we are setting up policies later this year that decision making on housing cannot be based upon sexual orientation. it can't be based on gender identity or marital status. ñ9q back and we can maybe shape regulation or law to be responsive to be reflective. >> what about the communities so that we know how this is going to be -- so we know something tangible that actually came out of this not a part of the processes we are taking this downhill when we're taking it back to the white house. will develop a report and will be confused in the different departments. and depending on how the information shakes out, it could lead to a particular programs or legislative changes. that could mean greater communication. a lot of what we're doing is supporting local communities. the decision making about how dollars are used are made right here in san francisco. in that respect, this information today will feed into our own process and certainly with the city
as contrasted by a sense of hopelessness that americans are feeling now given the economy, the recession, etc., etc. there was a poll we started earlier this week. just over half of all americans believe that our best days as a nation are behind us. those are not the views of all americans, but that is more than half. what do you make of that distinction, that juxtaposition? >> i think there is some truth to that. every time i go to china, i feel energized. first of all, there are so many people there. there is always something happening. but there is the fact that they have been joined triple digit economic growth -- double-digit economic growth for several decades. having said that, i think that, in a globalized world, if americans are thinking in terms of how we position ourselves in a globalized world and have to work with china and other places that are emerging in terms of economic growth, do nothing that we necessarily have to fill that hole +. >> about the people, there is stuff happening in turn all the time. in part, it is because there are so many people. 300 million americans, 1.3
ceiling, treasury officials, bankers, etc., they come to bear on congress to do this because they know the consequences would be bad. >> presumably they know all of this and they will come to an agreement. >> that is what has happened in the past. the reason that people are not so sure that they can come to an agreement is that the stakes they have laid out are so high and the differences between where the two parties are. they would like to bring them closer to the fiscal balance. democrats are fine with spending cuts but they have said they're not going to say to pour and working-class people that we will cut social services unless you also ask wealthy people to pay more in taxes and republicans reject any tax increases. they are at a fundamental and passed. this is over matters of ideology and the only have a month to resolve this. >> matters of economic ideology or matters of political persuasion as well? >> there is definitely a matter of both. there is really a question of how best to bring the country back to this the violence and how to decide what the country should pay for fo
their friends, etc., etc., it has created a huge problem. we have had to rent the
. the difference supreme and health reimbursement account, held savings account, etc. -- the difference between a health reimbursement account, a health savings account, etc. what i learned during the study is that typically sell for reimbursement accounts have been used -- health reimbursement accounts are high-deductible health plans offered in tandem with spending accounts for the most part used as incentives to recruit employees or keep employees, given that health care premiums are very high. they try to incentivize employees to pay for a high deductible plan but put money in their account. in a lot of cases, this money is rolled over. although hra's have been offered with high deductible plans, they can be offered alone. that means that at this point there are accounts like that for catastrophic illness. the stray away from the consumer-directed model there were designed for. they are designed to be controlled by the employer. they can decide what they want to cover. they can decide whether the plans will roll over to the next year or whether they want to take it back. one of the interest
that the department, also include continuous worke with te architect as to demonstration, etc. thank you. at this time, since we have been sitting since noon without a >> please be reminded that the commission does not tolerate any outbursts of any kind. if you have mobile devices of any kind, please turn them off or in the new position appeared finally, when speaking before the commission, speak into the microphone and state your name for the record. commissioners, we are on your 3:00 p.m. regular calendar item, 13, for case 2007.0030e, and 8 washington street hearing on the draft environmental impact report. please note that written comments will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on august 15, 2011. >> good afternoon, commissioners. planning department staff and environmental coordinator for this project. this is a hearing to receive comments on the draft environmental impact report for case 2007.0030e. the purpose of today's hearing is to take public testimony or comment on the adequacy, accuracy, and completeness of the draft environmental impact report. there is no approval action requested at this tim
. the football players, the violinist, etc.. i worry that we may be losing that pole vault the people got out of the working class into the working -- into the middle class. >> i agree with you. journalism -- which we were talking about before we went on the air that right after world war ii a lot of people to started in journalism without going to college. now you can i get into a newsroom unless you have a degree, ideally -- you cannot get into a newsroom unless you have a degree, ideally a good degree. people like me could not get in here anymore. i did work for "the washington post," but then i had already overcome my lack of formal education. i think we're boxing ourselves in. i also worry about this constant harping on math and science, math and science as if there is nothing more to the human condition. >> one quick thing though, which is to suggest that you never know how things are going to change. we find people breaking in because they are now able to get attention on the internet because of something they wrote, some video they created, in which they are able to circumvent these b
economics, etc. >> of course, if we had agreed, we would not have this conversation and the staff would oppose this because the point is that we don't believe that this is the appropriate work. this is not something we would want to pay for. >> mr. brooks is giving a scope of work and he just to find it as the language which is not in scope of work but rather an indication of what would be done anyway. >> i don't want to get hung up on the terminology. we believe that we can amend the contract. we can work with whoever to figure out what those tasks are. mr. brooks would like you to accept the list that has been prepared that we have objected to. we do not believe these of the tasks that are appropriate. we would like it to be included so that you can force the staff to agree with them rather than the regular negotiation process. >> we should not because -- i would be happy to go over this. this continue refers back to the 2007 ordinances which talk about a 360 megawatt program. we offered you a 30 megawatt program and one was to reduce debt and some because of the risk involved. trying
hechpor mejorar s condiones segudad en los peles y un mejora de la miniraciÓn dent de los etc establecimieos ccelarios. >> a sar s eserzos de lapolicÍa por combatir el trÁficode drogas sde Árceles nobajo rmisividad siguperand >> el aporte para lalua cora eltrÁfico dras ha smindoenos Últimos aÑos.nouni-se increchear prupueo nacial lateh@ denderÁ del nuevgobierno e reci un paÍs coiderad mo el mÁs ande producr de cocaÍnael mun. >> en lima, perÚ. unisiÓh@nouni-fds lateh@h@univi prra de t unfds teh@h@univisiot@ ♪ >> rÍo de jairo bril iere mostrar que estÁ prarada para evit cÁstrofes naras comos qucausar mÁs de 900 muto hose pu a prueba unh@not i-fds @ to en casoh@univionnot unfds lae ras. unÍa de calma aparente la favela, unbarrio bre unh@nou pe deunsire la temida sal dae lma. de alarma. >> y esgo de desmoronamientos p lvias fuertes. r favor, dirigirse a lugare segus, alean. >> los agtes de defea civil scan famiasn Áreas escaadas. es difÍcil coencer a muchos e tienen que dejar sus cas. >>una ravana de hombs, mujeres, niÑoy ancianos, debula. >> elpegro es
and etc., etc., but we're also seeing poll after poll after poll that shows americans want compromise, and they think there should be something on the revenue side, and you are saying no, so why are you ignoring the polls and saying this is what the elections said? >> well, that's not true. we dealt with all the corporate loopholes that the president wants to do away with it. our budget did away with those but did away with them in a manner that allows for tax reform so you get the whole situation fixed and solved. we're not interested in doing bites at the apple or nips at the side, because that is not what will get this crisis solved. our budget took away the corporate loopholes and broadened the base for tax reform and lowered the rates for individuals so we can get this economy growing and creating jobs, because that's the key, we have to grow our way out of this challenge. >> speaking for yourself or the leadership if you care to, if you cannot get these things that you have outlined, major structural changes somehow within the next eight days, and i realize it has been going on
to be the ceo of the corporation and the president of this country etc.. a couple of things has changed. not too long after rage came out, which was in i guess it came out in '93, the book itself in '94 and not long after rage came out use of from changes in corporate america you saw a small but interesting group began to rise you saw can become the head of american express. you saw a sort of change in this kosmas. of course with the recent presidential election you saw something that many people of many colors thought would never happen at least not in our lifetimes and that was the election of the president who identified as an african-american. and this is something that i found just interesting is that a new generation has come on the scene so a lot of the voice is represented in rage are different than the voices represented in the end of anger and the end of the anchor there is a methodology let me just say a couple words about that. because even though i did as i said 104. i did even more for this book and interviews. i conducted a couple surveys. i did a survey of the black alumni of the
paragraph down were in talks to the response. the hearing, blah, blah, blah. long-term projections, etc. in that paragraph, i would like to make the statement, you know, all commissioners know, all commissioners expressed concern about that th
mejora de la administraciÓn dentro de los etc establecimientos carcelarios. >> a pesar de los esfuerzos de la policÍa por combatir el trÁfico de drogas desde la cÁrceles y bajo la permisividad siguen operando. >> el aporte para la lucha contra el trÁfico de drogas ha disminuido en los Últimos aÑos. increchentar el presupuesto nacional para esta luche dependerÁ del nuevo gobierno que recibe un paÍs considerado como el mÁs grande productor de cocaÍna del mundo. >> en lima, perÚ. univisiÓn. >> las autoridades sanitarias de haitÍ continÚan librando una dura batalla para combatir el cÓlera. la enfermedad es transmitida por la una bacteria que prospera de los rÍos de la regiÓn. se han atendido mÁs de cien pacientes por dÍa. ha enfermado a 360 mil personas y provocado la muerte de mÁs de 5500 personas. la epidemia tambiÉn afecta a repÚblica dominicana. >> rÍo de janeiro realiza pruebas para evitar nuevas catastrofes naturales. ♪ >> rÍo de janeiro en brasil quiere mostrar que estÁ preparada para evitar catÁstrofes naturales como las que causaron mÁs de 900 muertos.
and libraries, etc. i want to look at how those different policies interact with each other. those are a few things i am working on. >> we are out of time. we will have to wrap this up. thank you so much for joining us. we have been talking to supervisor wiener from district 8. watch for the next episode of "need your supervisor." we will be back with one of our 11 city supervisors. ♪ [older man speaking foreign language] richie! richie! [speaking foreign language] yo, tye! what-up? richie! what-up, player? how ya doing, son? all right, man. i'm chillin', of course. you gonna be there, right? click to find yours. 9 judge terri l. jackson. the court is now recruiting prospective civil grand jurors. our goal is to develop a pool of candidates that is inclusive of all segments of our city's population. >> the jury conducts investigations and publishes findings and recommendations. these reports them become a key part of the civic dialog on how we can make san francisco a better place to live and work. >> i want to encourage anyone that is on the fence, is considering partici
other ways we can reduce costs to hire these folks back. is that correct? >> as well as positions, etc. to address your original question, but was the total amount of back in march, so the 147 is the number of may 15 certificate notices, and i was the language states, that number has been reduced because of the number of recalls but have taken place. >> can we talk about the other employees as well in? what about our other employees? >> 4 para educators, we had 138th. there are 48 of them that are now laid off. >> all of those numbers you have given me are those that are not returning. they have retired or done something of its. -- something else. >> there were 48 who remained laid-off. there are four that have been recalls. there is one who resigned, and there is one who refused an assignment. there are 48 lefaid off. 37 teachers. compared to last year, we are way ahead of where we were last year >> we have really made a concerted effort to get our people. we are updated about how diligently we are working through this through for a fiscal crisis in california, so i appreciate you sha
agency. if the agency is lacking money, then they should go to the board for more money, a park bond, etc., or if they want to have an opportunity or democracy. >> while i would like to be clear, using the new four of the recreation. commissioner: and let the ratepayers' decide, not a small group of people. >> there are a number recommendations about what should be done with the future of lake merced. there are boaters. there is the pacific rod and gun club represented there as well. the audubon society and the coalition, a number of different folks. things that folks feel pretty strongly about lake merced.
, etc.. this is to help shape the future planning policies. the presentation that you will hear today will be the first in a series that we are preparing on the census data, based on the memo that we submitted to the commissioners in late may. this was a few months ago. without much further ado, here is john a.. the information and analysis group. >> and how can you resist that? >> good evening. we will talk briefly today and -- we will talk about the issues and the report, the demographics, and the economic characteristics along the lines of what was in the report, as we talk about what we would like to study in the future. first, you may be aware of the census restructuring, and we have a once in a decade effort, and 15% -- they ask a lot more questions in the long form. how they got to work and that kind of thing. the long form, as we look at the shorter american community survey, and the continuous basis. they asked that year round, and we got very fine data from that survey, this gives us the implements -- we will now, each year, beginning this, with the data sets. we have this w
or malawi's censorship list, etc., etc., all currents of communism's internal and mutually-destructive literary controls. consider the amount of anti-literary energy that was expended over works, over which works of literature were ideologically correct or incorrect. the latter grouped as reactionary, undialectic products of -- [inaudible] etc., etc. variations of these contests survive until today in many parts of the third world, extreme disciples which still roam the jungles, the mountains or urban settlements of nigeria armed with definitive texts and other productive texttology that explicate the history and destiny of mankind from birth to death and excommunicate all others. one such surfaced in nigeria calls it -- [inaudible] translated as "death to all books. "um, except, of course, only one: theirs. it quite young career has already resulted in the extermination of hundreds. some of you may have read, and the rampage goes on until today. only my book -- [inaudible] moammar gadhafi could not wait to get in on the act. many people believe that he remains simply obses
for a greater american presence etc.. and then, things like for example the incident where this gentleman decided to play jason bourne in real life and killed two people in broad daylight in a pakistani city didn't help. i mean the argument about do you expect the illiterate population in our villages and in our small towns to understand arguments about diplomatic immunity? it was an ugly american is shot to pakistanis without any provocation or reason, and then getting away with it. and so, those are the things that also have to be taken into account. it is not just always our fault. there is enough blame to go around. >> i am going to give you a compliment now, which is that i think the best ambassadors in washington recognize the amount of attention they have to devote to congress. you have to know a lot of people. you have to spend a lot of time with them, sometimes even more time than you spend with people in the administration and i think that is one of the things that you have done and one of the things you have spent the most time on. what is your sense of what the feeling is in c
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 427 (some duplicates have been removed)